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MC1270 Portable Power Steam Cleaner

2 year limited warranty


(use in conjunction with Owner's Manual)


Tips and Recommendations

Proper Storage

Preparing your Portable Power Steam Cleaner for storage is quick and simple. When you have finished your steaming tasks, follow the steps listed below.

  1. Turn unit “Off” and unplug power cord.
  2. Press and hold Steam Trigger to release all remaining steam.
  3. Allow unit to completely cool (at least 30 minutes).
  4. Remove all accessories from unit.
  5. Carefully remove Boiler Cap.
  6. Drain any remaining water from the Boiler into a sink or tub – this will help to minimize mineral build-up and prevent over-filling during your next use. Replace Boiler Cap loosely.
  7. Wrap power cord around Cord wrap. Store Portable Power Steam Cleaner in a cool, dry location.

General Tips
  1. Switch On/Off Switch to “On” position. Within 5 minutes, the Steam Ready Light will illuminate blue indicating the unit is ready for use.
  2. Keep Steam Trigger pressed for a continuous flow of steam. You may also hold the Steam Trigger, then push the Steam Trigger Lock to lock it down. This will allow a continuous flow of steam without need of holding the Steam Trigger down manually.
  3. Steam output can be adjusted by simply turning the Steam Adjustment Knob.
  4. It is recommended to sweep or vacuum hard floors before mopping.
  5. The Microfiber Pad will absorb dirt and moisture during mopping. However, when you are finished you may find some residual moisture has been left behind. In this case, it is recommended to allow floor time to air-dry. A fan may be directed towards mopped area to facilitate drying.
Mineral Build-Up

A common maintenance need for steam appliances is the removal of build-up caused by high mineral content in many municipal water supplies. This mineral build-up may limit the effectiveness and reduce the life of your Portable Power Steam Cleaner.

The best way to minimize mineral build-up is to use distilled or de-mineralized water when using your Portable Power Steam Cleaner. If you are unable to use distilled water, it is recommended that the following procedure be followed monthly to remove any mineral build-up:

  1. Turn unit “Off” and unplug power cord.
  2. Remove all accessories from unit.
  3. Carefully remove Water Tank Cap.
  4. Drain water from Water Reservoir into a sink or tub.
  5. Slowly pour 8 oz of vinegar into Water Reservoir.
  6. Replace Water Tank Cap, ensuring that it is screwed on tight.
  7. Plug unit in, turn On and run unit until vinegar has been steamed out of the system.
  8. Rinse Water Reservoir with fresh water, drain and repeat until vinegar odor dissipates.