About McCulloch Steam

New Look. Same Power.

For nearly a decade, McCulloch has been building reliable, versatile, and powerful steam cleaning products that bring a heavy duty approach to the often "soft" world of steam cleaning. In 2005, the legendary MC1275 earned it's first five star Amazon.com review, and today over 800 reviews and counting (with a cumulative 4 star rating, we might add) the McCulloch Canister the reigning king of steam cleaners.

In 2011, the McCulloch Steam Team envisioned and engineered the next generation of McCulloch Steam. Aptly named the PowerSteam Series, this new arsenal of cleaning products took the successful foundation built by products like the MC1275, then amplified every finish, flourish and feature - to take heavy duty steam cleaning to an unprecedented level. The PowerSteam Series boasts sleeker styling, stronger and more capable attachments, user-friendly features like comfort-grip handles, and a range of styles to fit any need. From small yet powerful handhelds to hulking canisters that crank out an unbelievable 2 hours of continuous steam, you will not find a more powerful, more versatile line of steam products. Anywhere. Period.

The McCulloch PowerSteam Series is the only option for those looking for a steamer that goes anywhere, cleans anything, and packs the power to get it done.

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